Rumi Oyama


ALLEGIANCE L.A. (EWP at Aratani Theatre) 

George Takei talks about Rumi Oyama's choreography. Interviewed by Rafu Shimpo.


“She’s turning in wonderful work … very dynamic, lively. There’s a lot of Japanese touches. She can choreograph very masculinely, the martial arts stances that she works in, as well as the classic Japanese movements, as well as contemporary dance movements … New ideas, new ways of doing things, so it’s very exciting.”


ALLEGIANCE L.A. (Aratani Theatre)... East West Players (co-producing with the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center) gives L.A. audiences an entirely from-the-ground-up production, from director Snehal Desai’s assured direction to Rumi Oyama’s thrilling choreography (integrating traditional Japanese dance, martial arts moves, and Broadway pizzazz). - Stage Scene L.A.


THE KING AND I (North Shore Theatre)...The fascinating angular dance moves provided by Stafford are realized perfectly by a cast of expert dancers, with Rumi Oyama seeming to float on air as Eliza.- NEWBURYPORT


THE KING AND I (Olney Theatre)...The most impressive part of THE KING AND I was the “Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet”. The masks and costumes were spectacular and Simon was truly frightening. Rumi Oyama was a spectacular Eliza; every movement was treat to watch. - The He Said, She Said (She)


THE KING AND I (Olney Theatre)... All of the dancers were great, but Rumi Oyama as Eliza and Aaron Komo as Simon of Legree stand out as above the rest.  Their movement felt foreign and expressive, but universal at the same time. -The He Said, She Said (He)


THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNUM COUNTY SPELLING BEE (Porthouse Theatre)... there are standout moments from the cast. Rumi Oyama as Marcy Park, a robotic wonder in a Catholic school-girl uniform who speaks "six languages," deploys a whirling pair of nunchucks like a mini-yakuza gangster... - CLEVELAND.COM


Off Broadway musical SAYONARA (Theatre Row)... Choreographer Rumi Oyama (who also charmingly plays the actress Fumiko) has taken full advantage of Takarazuka with her dazzlingly energetic dance sequences, flawlessly executed by the ensemble. - THEATREMANIA


Off Broadway musical SAYONARA (Theatre Row)... Rumi Oyama choreographed a great dance that features the strong ensemble, and which bridges together the two different cultures. It shows that it is possible to live in harmony, and that perhaps there really isn't that much of a difference between what people of multiple nationalities want out of life. Music and dance are universal and don't put up the barriers that society has in place. The dance shows off the strong dance technique of the ensemble dancers, and it brings the mood up in the middle of what is going on around the characters in their lives. - CENTER ON THE AISLE


Off Broadway musical SAYONARA (Theatre Row)... SAYONARA's musical highlight, energetically choreographed by Rumi Oyama. - PASSPORT Blogs


Off Broadway musical SAYONARA (Theatre Row)... George Bischoff’s music fuels some entertaining choreography by Rumi Oyama, who makes the most of the tiny stage at Theatre Row, using the 19-member cast inventively in dances that mix Broadway and Japanese influences (She also does a winsome turn as the character Fumiko.) - NEW YORK THEATER


Off Broadway musical SAYONARA (Theatre Row)...  There’s a certain amount of choreography included to jolt the livelier numbers, and choreographer Rumi Oyama has figured out a way to handle those. - THE HUFFINGTON POST


Off Broadway musical SAYONARA (Theatre Row)... Choreography by Rumi Oyama, where she combines Western dance styles with Japanese folk dances, the highlight of the show falls on the dancing. - THEATRE IS EASY


ALLEGIANCE L.A. (Aratani Theatre)... Choreographer Rumi Oyama does nice work putting the cast through some fast and furious moves. - Broadway world